Seattle – a short stopover

Posted by on July 29, 2012

After leaving Canada by the Greyhound bus we arrived for a short stopover in Seattle. The city is very nice with a lot of cultures and it’s hard to find some dish that’s specific for Seattle because it has cuisines from all over the world. But fortunately Hilary, our CS host in Seattle recommended us probably the #1 place to visit here, the Pike Place Market. This place is on weekends so crowded that you have to wait for the masses to move but it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s THE place to buy and taste seafood in Seattle and not only that. Here you can get everything from tens of types of olive oil to giant elephant garlic. Here we tasted clam chowder and cioppino, both delicious seafood soups. One of the shops that sell seafood is also known for having a show where they throw fish or prepared food from one person to the other standing 7-8m away (look at the video). It’s hard to describe this market but everything here is really crazy.

Another thing we visited in Seattle is the Space Needle which is Seattle’s TV tower and was built for the 1962 World’s  Fair (Century 21 Exposition) and apparently the architects back then thought that this is how houses of the 21th century will look like. Well, this is not really the case… at least for the house where I live…

One amazing thing we’ve seen or done

The most amazing thing we hoped to see near Seattle was the Boeing factory in Everett. Unfortunately because we had to wait almost 1h for our rented car we missed the last tour at the Boeing factory and only got the chance to see a small exhibition there.

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