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Miami and Key West – Adios USA

Miami was one of the closest cities to South America that we could have chosen for our last stop in the US. Not only from the geographical point of view. In Miami 70% of the citizens have Spanish as the first language and right from the airport you really have the impression you landed in … Continue reading »

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Grand, Antelope and Bryce Canyons – wonders of nature

All the three canyons Grand, Antelope and Bryce are real wonders of nature. Grand Canyon has three rims that are accessible for tourists and after leaving Las Vegas we headed for the West Rim which is not the most beautiful of the rims but it is home to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Unfortunately the … Continue reading »

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What happens in Vegas stays on the blog

Oh my… this is one of the craziest places I’ve seen. And before somebody asks…. “No, we did not get married in Vegas” Before going there I thought it will be just a place with lots of kitschy stuff. But now I’m so glad that we went there and can say for sure that this … Continue reading »

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Los Angeles – city of angels

In LA I finally met my cousins Crina and Ionut who I haven`t seen in 7 years. We had a great time together with their families and on weekend we went together to Long Beach on the ocean. Crina lives close to Disneyland and in the evening we walked through Downtown Disneyland and saw the … Continue reading »

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Yosemite – giant grizzlies, not bears but trees

Yosemite National Park is known for its spectacular granite cliffs, the waterfalls, giant sequoia groves and the biological diversity. In Yosemite we drove through the Yosemite Valley where we saw the rock formation “El Capitan” which is very popular between rock climbers.

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San Francisco – don’t call it Frisco

After a short stopover in Salt Lake City where we visited the Mormons temple we drove to San Francisco. On the way we stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is the place in the salt desert where all world land speed records were measured. Afterwards on the way to San Francisco we drove through … Continue reading »

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Yellowstone – land of geysers and hot springs

Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the world, established in 1872. It is known for the many geysers and hot springs as well as for the diverse wildlife that can be seen here like bisons, grizzlies, black bears, wolfs and so on.

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Seattle – a short stopover

After leaving Canada by the Greyhound bus we arrived for a short stopover in Seattle. The city is very nice with a lot of cultures and it’s hard to find some dish that’s specific for Seattle because it has cuisines from all over the world. But fortunately Hilary, our CS host in Seattle recommended us … Continue reading »

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Vancouver – Bye bye Canada. We’ll miss you.

After driving over the TransCanada Highway which is the world’s longest national highway (8030 km) and one with nice views of mountains, rivers and waterfalls, we arrived for a short visit in Vancouver. Everybody that we met on the way and who has been in Vancouver before told us that it’s a very nice city … Continue reading »

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Calgary – the fastest growing city in North America

Our trip was really great till now but what made it perfect were the people that we met. That was also the case in Calgary were we met Sarah and her lovely family. Sarah’s parents were fabulous and treated us like their own children and made us feel like home.  Sarah actually hosted us twice, … Continue reading »

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Banff and Jasper – Paradise in the mountains

After visiting mainly big cities in the last one and a half months we really needed a break from all the noise and the masses of people and we probably could not have found a better place to recharge our batteries than the Banff and Jasper National Parks in the province of Alberta, Canada.

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New York, Neeeeew Yoooooooooork

After we took the bus to New York we arrived in Secaucus that’s a small town 15 min by bus from NY.  Here we stayed 2 nights. The other nights we stayed in a hotel just steps away from the Times Square.

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Washington DC, a lesson of history

We were very lucky in finding a CouchSurfing host in Washington. Karl, our CS host, sent me the offer to stay at his place when we were on the Greyhound bus to DC so it was a lastminute offer but it turned out to be a perfect one.

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Toronto und Niagara

Toronto ist anders als die anderen Städte in Kanada, die wir bislang gesehen haben, ziemlich amerikanisch, mit Wolkenkratzern und ohne Altstadt. Im Zentrum, neben dem Ontariosee befindet sich der bekannte Fernsehturm CN Tower, der mehrere Jahre das größte Gebäude der Welt war. Im CN Tower sind wir abends hochgestiegen.

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Kingston – Wolfe Island

On Tuesday we used again the rideshare system to get to Kingston. Kingston is a small town on the shore of the Ontario Lake and the St Lawrence River in the region of Thousand Islands.

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Ottawa, the capital

From Quebec city we used again the ride-sharing system to get to Ottawa. It was very cool because we met 2 guys that were friendly and recommended us a lot of nice things to do/see. In Ottawa we planned to stay 3 nights but in the end we stayed 5.

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Quebec, Je me souviens

„Je me souviens“ is the official motto of the province of Quebec and it means “I will remember”. It says a lot about the people from Quebec who don’t forget their history, especially the part where Canada was under French leadership.

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Montreal, der 2te “Schritt”

Die beste Nachricht ist, dass wir inzwischen auch unser Visum für Australien bekommen haben. Das Ankommen in Montreal war sehr unkompliziert, bei dem Büro für Einwanderung hatten wir erwartet, dass man uns ein Haufen Fragen stellt, aber alles ging sehr schnell,

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