Los Angeles – city of angels

Posted by on August 13, 2012

In LA I finally met my cousins Crina and Ionut who I haven`t seen in 7 years. We had a great time together with their families and on weekend we went together to Long Beach on the ocean. Crina lives close to Disneyland and in the evening we walked through Downtown Disneyland and saw the beautiful fireworks.

In LA we went to Beverly Hills which is the quarter where the bold and the beautiful live and I think it’s not a very bad place to stay there. After that we went to the Hollywood Boulevard to take something from the Hollywood glamour. It’s the place where all the “stars” have their names written on the pavement and it has a special atmosphere.

We also visited the Staples Center because Luci wanted to go to the home of the Los Angeles’ NBA team, the Lakers. The area there is very nice with lots of restaurants, festivals and concerts.

On our last day in LA we took advantage of the weather and spent the day on the beach in the beautiful town of Santa Monica. Here you can also see lots of surfers and people playing beach-volleyball. Later we took a look at the Malibu beach with is also not very far away from LA.

One amazing thing we’ve seen or done

For me the most amazing thing in LA was meeting my cousins and seeing that their children are quite big now. Time really flies…

Next step

Las Vegas

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  1. Bogdan Balbuzan

    Foarte fain! Ma intreb de ce te-ai pozat cu steaua celor de la “The Muppets” … :) )))))