Huacachina – a real fata morgana

Posted by on September 28, 2012

We took the bus from Lima to Huacachina and we chose a company named Cruz del Sur because it was recommended by almost all the travelerswe met in South America. It sounds crazy but the bus services that you have here cannot be compared with anything else in Europe. It could probably be compared with a flight ticket in the first class because you get dinner, can watch movies and the passengers can even play Bingo and win prizes. You also have internet over wi-fi and can transform your seats into a bed where you can sleep very comfortably. The buses are monitored via GPS so in case of an unplanned stop the police would arrive in a couple of minutes. When you enter the bus it’s like at the border with the United States. You are searched, scanned and filmed for your own security. But enough about the bus ride.

Huacachina is one of the best places to visit in Peru. Though it technically is part of the city of Ica, it’s basically an oasis in the desert. It’s so famous that it even made it on the 50 soles bill. Travelers come here to relax and forget about everything. Though it’s a very small place you have some entertainment options and some good restaurants.

On the last day we went to a wine and pisco tasting tour to 2 wineries. One, where the drinks are produced in an industrial way and another one where they use the same technique like hundreds of years ago. Pisco is a typical Peruvian drink where the wine is distilled and leads to a sort of brandy.

One amazing thing we’ve seen or done

In Huacachina we took a tour with a sand buggy which is more or less a cage on four wheels. Let me tell you something.The ride was one of the craziest things we’ve done so far. You get a higher adrenaline kick than in a roller coaster plus you can add the uncertainty of safety. At some points I thought the driver is insane and all the people in the car where screaming like hell all the time. We stopped a couple of times in the desert and went sand boarding which was pretty fun, though walking the sand dunes back up was nothing to write home about. And the sunset in the desert was worth every moment of madness in the sand buggy.

Next stop

Arequipa, Peru

3 Responses to Huacachina – a real fata morgana

  1. adrian

    Yeeeaah… boarding! Acuma zis sincer ce preferi, nisip in ochi sau zapada pe la ‘shale’ ? Tare si numele barului din Hukacina.. :-)

    • Lucian

      Ii mult mai fain in zapada de acasa :) dar ii distractiv si pe nisip.

  2. Eliza si Dorin

    Foarte interesante pozele cu dunele de nisip si cu oaza,ai zice ca sunteti mai degraba in Africa de Nord – Africa Centrala..Daca as fi vazut pozele fara sa cunosc locatia,in nici un caz nu m-as fi gandit ca sunt facute in America de Sud.