Canon del Colca – the world’s deepest canyon

Posted by on October 4, 2012

Last weekend we went for a 3 day trekking tour in the Canyon del Colca, the deepest canyon in the world which is situated near the city of Arequipa. The trekking tour was for sure one of the highlights of our trip so far, not only because the scenery was very beautiful but also thanks to our guide Roy. He did everything in order for it to be a perfect trip. He told us many things about the region of the canyon, about the people that live there and showed us lots of different plants which were used by the locals for different purposes. One was used as a natural colorant, others were used as medicine, others had a very toxic liquid, and another plant was used to make ropes and so on. Another nice part of the tour is that we spent the first night in a little village with typical cottages for that region, without electricity or hot water. On the second day we went to an oasis at the bottom of the canyon and here we had the time to sit and relax at the pools before we woke up the next day at 5 AM to start the final hike up to the rim of the canyon, about 1100m elevation for which we needed about 2 hours. On the last afternoon we went to see alpacas (an animal similar to the llama) and stopped at a nice viewpoint at 4910m where we could see the volcanos around Arequipa.

Nest stop

Still the city of Arequipa, Peru

7 Responses to Canon del Colca – the world’s deepest canyon

  1. adrian

    ce poze faine! nu mai am chef de lucru azi… Vezi ce faci? :-)

    • Lucian

      lasa ca in 1-2 luni ma uit eu la pozele voastre si atunci nu mai am eu chef de nimic :)

  2. Bianca

    ce faine sunt palariile alea brodate!! si paturile, si fularele!!

  3. Eliza si Dorin

    Minunat!Si ce dragalasi sunt copilasul cu alpaca lui!!!

  4. Jochen

    It’s just the worlds second deepest Canyon ;-) … but anyway it was a gorgeous trek.