Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world

Posted by on February 3, 2013

We just returned from Fraser Island and can say that we added something to the top 10 best places we have visited so far because this island is outstanding. We actually went there twice, but because the first time was right before cyclone Oswald hit Australia, it was raining all the time but we knew we had to go back.

When we received a free upgrade to a 4WD car in Brisbane I was happy thinking that we can drive the same car on Fraser Island because only 4WD cars are allowed to go on the island. I could not have been more wrong than that because our toy-car could not have had any chance on the rough terrain on the island. But, fortunately we were advised about the conditions and rented a Land Rover Defender, the ones that are used by the British army and which are more similar to a tractor than to a car. Driving through the rough terrain of the rainforest was hard but lots of fun. I would compare the drive to a rodeo ride. We also got stuck a couple of times so we had to remove the sand around the wheels with a shovel before we could continue our ride, but this was all part of the fun.

But this was not all of it, the main “highway” on the island was the beach where you could drive as fast as 80kmh because the sand was very wet. Driving here is similar to driving on icy snow and with the waves crushing near you it was an unforgettable experience. On the beach we also spotted a couple of dingoes as Fraser Island has one of the biggest populations of dingoes world wide.

The island has so much more to offer. It has some of the most beautiful lakes we have ever seen, Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen. In fact we loved Lake McKenzie so much that on the last day we woke up at 6AM just to go back there and swim in the lake once more. The feeling of having this nature’s beauty all for ourselves was indescribable. It’s not needed to say that the pictures of the both lakes don’t show their real beauty.

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6 Responses to Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world

  1. Bogdan Balbuzan

    Close to nature! Foarte, foarte fain! Poza 40 ii dementiala … din filmul “Having your own island!”.

    • Lucian

      O fost mega beton! Si pentru ca o fost imediat dupa ce o trecut ciclonul cred ca am fost mai putin de 50 de turisti pe insula care are o lungime de 125km, deci chiar aveai plaja ta :)

  2. Claudiu

    I think your Defender had the steering wheel on the wrong side “mate” :)
    Distractie placuta in continuare. Va urmarim cu interes aventura.

    • Lucian

      Eu am incercat sa-i conving pe astia ca circula pe partea gresita. Ba chiar am luat-o odata pe autostrada pe partea dreapta, dar n-o vrut nimeni sa se ia dupa mine :) )))))