Sydney – Returning to probably the most livable city in the world

Posted by on February 13, 2013

I know many of you will argue my opinion when I’m saying Sydney is probably the most livable city in the world, but when you fall in love for someone (in this case the city), it doesn’t matter what everyone else tells you :=).

We already knew last time when we left Sydney that we will return here during our trip in Australia because we were not able to see everything that we wanted back then because of time constrains and the weather conditions.

On the first days, we met again our lovely host Kym who took us to a friend of hers who owns the best Indian restaurant in Sydney and the food was amazing. After almost one week we’re still thinking about that food. And if I’m already writing about the cuisine experiences I have to say that I went back to the fish market to get one of those huge fish platters. Diana’s favorite was a spicy Malaysian noodle soup called Laksa which has as main ingredients coconut milk, chili and seafood.

We also went to take a tour of the Opera House. I found out that the project of building the Opera House was estimated in taking 3 years and costing 7 million dollars and it actually took 16 years and more than 100 million dollars to finish it. Because of this the architect was fired at some point and the sad story is that he never returned to Sydney to see his masterpiece finished.

In Sydney we also met with Denise and Marco from Switzerland. They’re also on a trip around the world and we first met them on the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu because we were in the same group. Back then we already planned to meet each other when we’re back home but we didn’t think the world is so small and we’ll meet again in Sydney. Something tells me we’ll meet each other again before going home….and this time it will be on a smaller island in the Pacific :=)

One amazing thing we’ve seen or done

Before arriving in Sydney we went to a very small town called South West Rocks which is 300 km north of Sydney. Nothing spectacular so far and the town is really nothing to write home about. The amazing thing about this place is that from here you can go by boat to one of the best and some would say THE best dive spot in Australia. I have to thank Uta from Melbourne ;) for this recommendation as I would have never ever discovered it on my own.

This place is a total knock out in diving terms. Here you can find a colony of grey nurse sharks all year round. I’ve dived with sharks before but not with grey nurse sharks and not with 15 or 20 of them coming as close as half a meter of me. And like this would not have been enough, the second dive on that day was through a cave which was awesome. Take a look especially at the end of the first video where you can see a close-up with one of the cute guys.

Next stop

New Zealand

3 Responses to Sydney – Returning to probably the most livable city in the world

  1. Richard

    Lucian not sure you could ever say that about Sydney the most liveable city in the world…. You never stayed in Melbourne and the title has been ours for a long time.. Hope your travels are going well but strongly disagree on the Sydney comment. Id definately say its great for tourists but to live is certainly an entirely different question. Enjoy New Zealand and I look forward to your posts

    • Lucian

      Mate, I was thinking of you when I wrote the post :) . I was sure you’d disagree on this :) . I agree that it’s a pity we didn’t spend more time in Melbourne but we really fell in love with Sydney ;)
      Best regards to Uta too and I owe her a beer or two for the recommendation of South West Rocks.

  2. Richard

    Most of all great to see that you enjoyed your time (regardless of my viewpoint) and those of the voting world ;) Uta was glad that you headed out to South West Rocks!